In sludge and manure fermentation, biogas and digestate is produced (digested sludge). This digestate still contains many valuable and useful nutrients such as ammonia and phosphate.The high levels of phosphate, produced at the fermentation, causes problems with sludge dewatering(scaling and low dry solids content).

In agriculture, during manure fermentation nutrient deposits causes problems with the deposit of manure (digestate). ProfiNutrients has the expertise and equipment to solve these problems.
ProfiNutrients ensures that the nutrients are removed economically and is converted into "fertilizer". The phosphate in the form of struvite or magnesium phosphate, ammonia as ammonium sulfate, ammonium nitrate or ammonium chloride.

ProfiNutrients also has the expertise and equipment to clean the biogas so that it can be entered directly into CHP (Combined Heat and Power). Resulting into substantially reduced malfunctions and maintenance costs. It is even possible to convert biogas into green natural gas that can be injected directly in the natural gas network.